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Newton Police Department
39 Trinity Street
Newton, New Jersey 07860

Emergency: 9-1-1
Phone: 973-383-2525
Fax: 973-383-0090
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Compliments and Complaints


To effectively manage the performance of our officers, we like to be informed of any commendable conduct so that we can acknowledge them for a job well done and reinforce this kind of work performance. Please contact the shift supervisor to let them know about your positive experience!


The duties of a police officer can often be a very difficult and complex job. We recognize that mistakes may be made and our actions can fall short of expectations.

Through the internal affairs process, we can help maintain the integrity of the department as well help to identify, correct and improve our performance. Many times responding to complaints and concerns also provides us an opportunity to explain why an officer may have performed in a certain way when a member of the public didn't understand the reason for their actions.

The Newton Police Department administration seeks to proactively instruct and supervise rather than conduct investigations into reports of misconduct in order to maintain community trust.  The Internal Affairs function of the Police Department plays an integral role in building and maintaining public trust.  We embrace the following statement, as written in the New Jersey Attorney General’s Internal Affairs Policy and Procedures…

“Honesty is an essential job function for every Police Officer in New Jersey.  Police Officers who are not committed to the truth, who cannot convey facts and observations in an accurate and impartial manner and whose credibility can be impeached cannot advance the interests of the State in criminal matters.”

The Newton Police Department approaches professional standards and citizen complaints very seriously.  It should be understood, though, that it is unreasonable to expect that everybody we arrest or interact with will come away from the experience feeling positive, as some of our customers are not always right!  However, we do believe it is reasonable to expect Officers to perform professionally, lawfully, safely and consistent with policy.  Each complaint receives priority attention from department supervisors and all complainants, unless they're anonymous, will be informed in writing of the outcome.  Each time an employee uses force, is involved in a motor vehicle accident or is accused of misconduct, a complete and thorough internal affairs process is strictly adhered to and followed to its logical conclusion, consistent with the guidelines issued by the NJ Attorney General’s Office.  Any disciplinary action imposed will be progressive and corrective. 

To make a complaint about an officer or civilian police employee, please contact the Police Department at (973) 383-2525.