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Crossing Guards

The Newton Police Department employs civilian crossing guards to supplement pedestrian safety at 15 intersections throughout Newton during the school year. These non-sworn positions have a very important job in making sure that school childern have a safe means to get to their respective schools.

Crossing Guard

Traffic collisions are a leading cause of death for children under 15 years of age. In 2005, many of the fatalities among young pedestrians occurred before and after school, and 82 percent occurred at non-intersection locations.

Aside from ensuring that children remain safe while crossing highways, crossing guards also protect our children by reporting any suspicious activity or safety hazards to police.

The Newton Police Department participates in the Safe Routes to School program which promotes pedestrian safety for schoolchildren within our community. The department has also installed highly visible signage and enhanced crosswalks at frequently used intersections to further protect predestrians.

Are vehicles required to stop for a crossing guard's signal?

New Jersey statute 39:4-80.1 states, "A motor vehicle operator who fails to comply with a school crossing guard's signal to stop during those time periods when that guard is duly authorized to control or direct vehicular or pedestrian traffic pursuant to section 4 of P.L.1979, c.82 (C.40A:9-154.4) shall be fined not less than $150 for a first offense. For a subsequent offense, the operator shall be fined not less than $300."

What can children do to stay safe while walking home?

What can drivers do to keep children safe?

How do I become a crossing guard?

New Jersey State Law requires that any school crossing guard:

Interested persons should visit our employment page to view current job openings.

Crossing Guard

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