Newton Police Department - Newton, New Jersey


Contact Info:

Newton Police Department
39 Trinity Street
Newton, New Jersey 07860

Emergency: 9-1-1
Phone: 973-383-2525
Fax: 973-383-0090
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Our New Police Headquarters

Our Police Headquarters is located in the Newton Municipal Complex at 39 Trinity Street, adjacent to town hall. The building was designed by architects Houghton, Quarry, & Warr and was completed in 2005. Below are some pictures of the various areas of our facility.

Police Headquarters

Newton Police Headquarters

This is the view of our facility from Trinity Street. We are located at 39 Trinity Street, adjacent to the Newton Municipal Offices.

Communications Center

Newton Police Headquarters

Newton Police Central Communications, or "cencom" for short, is the hub for all types of emergency communcations in Newton. Dispatchers answer 9-1-1 calls, dispatch police, fire and EMS units from all over the county around the clock. Read more about cencom here.

Conference Room

Newton Police Headquarters

Our conference room is used for meetings and department training, but also doubles as an emergency operations center during large-scale emergencies in town.

Detective Bureau

Newton Police Detective Bureau

This is a view of the Newton Police Detective Bureau.

Time Lapse Video Equipment

Time Lapse Video Equipment

This is a specialized video system that allows our detectives to review time-lapse video commonly used by security systems in commerical establishments.

Records Bureau

Newton Police Records Bureau

The records bureau maintains case files for the department.

Weight Room

Weight Room

This is the area where our officers can excercise and stay fit.

Patrol Room

Newton Police Patrol Room

This is where our patrol shift conducts their day-to-day tasks such as incident reporting and report writing.

Interview Rooms

Newton Police Interview Room

Our headquartes has 5 interview rooms where complainants, suspects, and the general public can speak with us in a secure, private environment. The interview rooms are also equipped with audio and video recording equipment to conduct taped interviews with suspects.

Secure Temporary Evidence Lockers

Secure Temporary Evidence Locker

These lockers are used by the patrol officers to temporarily store evidence until it can be retrieved and processed by the evidence custodian.

Sally Port

Sally Port

The sally port is where patrol cars bring prisoners in and out of the police station. The use of a sally port minimizes the risk of injury to both the officer and the prisoner, as well as preventing escape. It is directly connected to the processing area shown below.

Processing Area

Newton Police Prisoner Processing Area

This is the area where prisoners are processed. Typically, someone in police custody is photgraphed and fingerprinted, then held while more pedigree information is obtained. The detainee will be served with any charges, provided an opportunity for bail, then either released or lodged in the county jail.

Alcotest Breath Test


This is the alcotest, a machine used to analyze someone's breath to determine their blood alcohol content. This machine recently replaced the familiar breathalyzer.

Holding Cells

Newton Police Holding Cell

The Newton Police Department utilizes 3 holding cells where a prisoner can be held. Prisoners are typically transported to the County Jail if they need to be incarcerated for an extended period of time.

Holding Area

Newton Police Holding Area

To the left of this picture, you can see an interview room used to conduct taped interviews with subjects under arrest. The benches you see are used when numerous people are in police custody. Behind them, you can see a decontamination shower.

Livescan Fingerprinting Station

Fringerprinting Station

This is a workstation where fingerprints are taken. This system electronically submits fingerprint and mugshot images of arrestees.