Command Staff

Chief Steven VanNieuwland

Chief of Police

Chief Steven VanNieuwland

He has overall responsibility for the administration of the Police Department which includes but is not necessarily limited to the following:

  • General direction, control and administration
  • Planning responsibilities
  • External affairs
  • Personnel files and records
  • Rules, Regulations, Policies and Procedures
  • Research/Grants
  • Purchasing/procurement
  • Budget preparation

Chief VanNieuwland can be reached at (973) 383-2525 or

Lieutenant Michael Monaco

Operations Division Commander

Lieutenant Monaco graduated from Bloomfield (NJ) College in 1993 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice/Sociology. He was initially hired as a Police Dispatcher in 1992 before being hired as a Class II Special Police Officer in 1993. In November of 1995 he was hired as a full time Police Officer and graduated the 193rd Basic Class for Police Officers held at the New Jersey State Police Training Center at Sea Girt. Over the next several years Lt. Monaco has held numerous assignments that included being a Detective assigned to the Sussex County Narcotics Task Force, Firearms Instructor, Field Training Officer and the Department’s first Drug Recognition Expert (D.R.E.)


Lieutenant Monaco’s responsibilities include:

  • Supervision and Scheduling of Patrol Division/Special Officers
  • Supervision of Traffic Bureau
  • Performs Accident Report Review
  • Supervision, Scheduling, and/or Performing Departmental Training
  • Planning and Supervision of Special Events
  • Supervision of Court Discovery Process
  • Warrants and Subpoenas
  • Required Reporting
  • Serves as Public Information Officer (PIO)
  • Serves as Open Public Records Act (OPRA) Police Records Custodian
  • Domestic Violence
  • Manages Outside Employment Scheduling, Escrow Accounts and Related Records
  • Municipal and State Court Liaison
  • Manages Employee Performance Evaluation System
  • Internal Affairs
  • Department Records Management

Lieutenant Monaco can be reached at (973) 383-2525 or

Lieutenant Scott King

Support Services Division Commander



Lieutenant King’s responsibilities include:

  • Communications / 9-1-1
  • Supervision, scheduling and training of the 9-1-1 Communications Operators
  • Conduct background investigations on prospective 9-1-1 Communications Operators
  • Receive and investigate citizen complaints against 9-1-1 Communications Operators
  • Liaison to all agencies and municipalities that contract emergency telephone answering and/ or dispatching services with the Town of Newton
  • Regularly reviews all audio tape recordings of telephone and radio communications
  • Prepare audio recordings for evidence and/or pending court proceedings
  • Computer Network
  • Terminal Agency Coordinator (TAC)
  • Police Vehicle Maintenance
  • Police Equipment
  • Maintain the police vehicles’ mobile data terminals and in-car video recording system
  • Maintain the departments breath testing equipment
  • Maintain police, fire and EMS radio and communication equipment
  • Supervision and scheduling of school crossing guards
  • Conduct background investigations on school crossing guards
  • Serves as the department’s counter terrorism officer
  • Buildings and Grounds
  • Security in and around police headquarters
  • Certifies and monitors towing companies that tow for the police department
  • Department Liaison to the Office of Emergency Management
  • Maintaining records
  • Required Budgeting
  • Required Reporting

Lieutenant King can be reached at (973) 383-2525 or