The Newton Police Department seeks to assist homeless families and individuals whenever possible by connecting them with community resources which may assist them with breaking the cycle of homelessness.

Sussex County Homeless Hotline After Hours Center

The Sussex County Division of Social Services is the primary resource for individuals seeking emergency housing assistance. However, police officers regularly come into contact with those in need of assistance outside of the Division’s regular business hours. The Newton Police Department works closely with the Division to assist in handling after-hours requests by providing a secure place of reception for those in need. We are then able to connect them with a 24 hour screener to obtain emergency assistance whenever possible. Upon receiving placement in an emergency shelter, officers then arrange transportation for the individual to the shelter location. Arrangements are also made for a followup meeting with social services professionals the next day to formulate a long-term plan to secure permanent housing.

Operation Chillout

OPERATION CHILLOUT is an all-volunteer outreach dedicated to ending to the crisis of homelessness for veterans, men and women throughout New Jersey and parts of NE Pennsylvania. Backpacks for a men and women filled with warm clothing, toiletries, survival gear and information about local resources have been provided to the Newton Police Department and are distributed by officers to those in need whenever needed.